Summit Home Remodeling Privacy Policy

Updated: October 2 2018

Summit Home Remodeling holds your privacy with the utmost respect.  As such, we want to lay out clearly and succinctly our methods of: gathering, utilizing, transferring, and protecting your data.


The contents of this Privacy Policy are applicable to the data collected by Summit Home Remodeling via either one or more of the following ways:

·       Our Website:

·       Phone

·       E-Mail

·       In-Person Communication with a Trusted Summit Home Remodeling Professional

·       Social Media Platforms including but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, etc. . .


The Summit Home Remodeling Privacy Policy does not apply to:

·       Products & Services of Banking or Financial Institutions – They have a separate policy attached to the credit applications in association with your credit account.

How is my information protected?

·       Our trusted administrative professionals keep your documents safe and organized under lock and key

All data provided to Summit Home Remodeling is on a completely voluntary basis.  We do not collect your information without your prior consent.  The data we utilize is:


·       Basic Identification & Contact information such as: Name, Address, Telephone Number, E-Mail, Driver’s License Number, Date of Birth, & Social Security Number.

·       Data Used for Credit Applications – Data Varies based on the Institution.

·       Payment Information.  Data Varies based on method of payment.

·       Photos, Videos, & Details about your Home Remodeling Project

·       Data submitted on Job Applications.

·       All Phone Calls to our office may be recorded for quality assurance purposes.

We use your information to conduct home remodeling business.  Specifically:

·       To Deliver our top of the line products where they need to go.

·       To Provide you with the unprecedented On-Site service that you deserve.

·       To view & organize purchases, payments, and warranties.

·       To Digitally Publish Reviews for everyone to read, analyze, or comment upon.

·       To Evaluate your Reviews in order to improve our business

·       To Communicate with you.

·       To Protect & Prevent Bad People from doing illegal things with your information.  We also research our data to assess risk, ensure quality, and improve the general security for the future.

·       To Evaluate Employment Applications

·       To Adhere to State, Federal, Industry, & Better Business Bureau Standards.


Automated Data Collection

·       Our Website Platform ‘SquareSpace’ uses ‘Cookies’ in order to accumulate data on the internet browser & preserve user settings if applicable.

·       Click Here to view their Cookie & Internet Tracking Policies.

·       If you would like to be removed from our Sales & Marketing Database.  Please Call us at:      (667) 212 – 2759.


We will disclose information to Law Enforcement, Government Agencies, & Tax Authorities:

·       If we are legally obligated to do so through state regulation, court order, or subpoena.

·       In order to prevent physical, mental, & financial loss of any kind.

·       To collect debts owed.

·       If there is suspected or blatant illegal activity.