The Roofer’s Color Book: Shakewood


Shakewood shingles, authentic and artisan crafted

Is shakewood the ideal color for your roof replacement?

Today we want to showcase one of our favorite colors from GAF’s Timberline HD Selection, this week featuring shakewood. Beyond your ordinary brown, this distinguishes itself from the traditional shade with its lighter hue to stand out stronger in bright light. Artisan crafted, authentically refined, and aesthetically designed to match that of wood, you can guarantee this color will go well with almost any home.

In our many years of roofing, we have done our share of projects on shakewood. Complementing this color would be homes of white, beige, and even blue. However, if you find that your home already has a brown roof, then look no further than what may be the best choice for a replacement. The small gallery below depicts some of our recent projects using shakewood, and we hope it gives you an idea of what to expect of a shakewood service!

If you are in need of a roofing project, do you believe this color suits you best? You can find out what color your home is best suited with a free estimate at 667-212-2759!