The Roofer’s Color Book: Patriot Red

patriot red color.png

Patriot red, the shade of America

Celebrate your country with this special shade of red!

If you are the type for more unique colors and proudly want to display your support of our great country, there is no better color for your home than patriot red. The name speaks for itself - you will observe as your home emits a strong and delicate warmth of red from the rest of the neighborhood. A rare color all in all, we believe this shade offers the flavor of novelty to a home like yours.

Want to know if this color matches the rest of your exterior? Believe it or not, patriot red fits best with the siding colors of white and blue. You heard it from us - this shade of red will make your home truly look patriotic! We at Summit believe in our palettes of roofing colors, and have seen the best results fit with these two colors.

If you are in need of a roofing project, do you believe this color suits you best? You can find out what color your home is best suited with a free estimate at 667-212-2759!