The Roofer’s Color Book: Charcoal


Charcoal roofing, the premier

Add a touch of dark allure to your home

It doesn’t get any darker than this. The next most common color on the roofing palette is none other than charcoal, a premier choice that you will see from neighborhood to neighborhood. We at Summit have installed countless black roofs in our time together, and to this day we are still astounded at the requests to obtain this roofing color. For the homeowner seeking a dark, mesmerizing allure atop their home, charcoal roofs are the way to go.

The most versatile of all roofing shades, charcoal will fit with just about any color of siding! If you are looking for a good color scheme to fit your home, then charcoal is an easy go-to in case you can’t decide on the best one. Easily one of our most fulfilled projects too, charcoal never fails to amaze when homeowners elect this color.

If you are in need of a roofing project, do you believe this color suits you best? You can find out what color your home is best suited with a free estimate at 667-212-2759!