Roof Decking 101 - Look Out for Red Flags!

Can you believe this can be hidden under your roof?

Can you believe this can be hidden under your roof?


Roof Decking Affects You in Ways You Don’t See

Be mindful of the foundation of your roof!

Deep beneath the shingles of your roof lays a major skeletal foundation - the wood decking. Between your attic and the roof above, this decking is essential to maintain structure and integrity of every shingle atop it. With most being made of plywood, it is a strong material that keeps your roof stable. It is something you can’t see from the outside, but don’t underestimate its importance!

Beware the Leaks! - Water Damage

A fresh plywood decking and chimney cricket are essential!

A fresh plywood decking and chimney cricket are essential!

Roof decking, being made of wood, is vulnerable to rotting from excess water damage. Any leak coming from the uppermost ceiling of your home is an immediate sign that water is getting through the roof and into your home. Whether it be ceiling spots, stains on interior walls, mold growth, these are red flags that water is damaging your home in ways you don’t want.

From the outside, an uneven roofline is a sign of roof deck damage. This is largely a result of the plywood soaking like a sponge, thus softening into a less stable foundation. Be sure to get your roof inspected from inside the attic once in a while to ensure your roof has none of these symptoms!

Another Useful Tip - Chimney Crickets

Sounds like a famous cartoon character? It best serves as a way to remember an essential component for your roof. Your chimney is a critical part of your roof that is vulnerable to the same elements as your roof decking, trapping water and debris behind it until it starts to erode of the buildup. A similar concept to chimney flashing, this is yet another layer of defense you can add to thwart off water damage.

Luckily there exists an easy solution in chimney crickets. Like a mini ramp that allows these elements to slide off of, a chimney cricket diverts water around the chimney and prevents debris from sitting against the chimney and damaging it. Be mindful of the position of your chimney on your roof, and if you find it in a place where water can ruin it, it’s only another force that can harm your roof more!

Rotting roof decks can only be repaired by removing the shingles, underlayment, and removing the existing plywood. In other words, a full roof replacement is the only solution. Don’t let this problem linger in your roof if you find any red flags - you can get a free roof and attic inspection with us at (667)-212-2759 and even be left a free estimate at any time!