Remodeling Insurance - Know Your Safety Net!

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Insurance is a Requirement to All Contractors

A Wise, Proactive Homeowner Knows That Their Insurance Policy is Enough!

Here’s a little fact we all know: home remodeling is expensive. Whether you want a new roof or a set of windows for your home, it costs a lot of money. However, beyond the products themselves, part of the cost goes into the labor of placing the new roof on your house. When referring to the cost, it’s not only the price value that a homeowner should look at - it’s important to keep a close eye out for the insurance policy, which can impose dire consequences if not meeting standards.

When you think of roofing, do you believe it to be quite the dangerous tasks? It certainly is, and accidents can happen at times we don’t expect it. Fortunately, the Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC) requires all contractors to have a minimum of a $50,000 insurance policy in the scenario someone falls off your roof and gets hurt or any damage is caused on your property. When you look at that number, however, is it really enough to cover you when someone on your property gets injured or killed?

You are responsible if remodeling insurance can’t cover you!

Roofing is by no means an easy job!

Roofing is by no means an easy job!

Ultimately, with an insurance policy as low as the minimum standards, you are responsible to cover the rest of the cost of an accident.

In regards to just roofing, insurance is so expensive that some contractors refuse to carry it. As a proactive homeowner, you must not only be hopeful for the service but also cautious of the dangers that arise from getting a remodeling project done. We at Summit Home Remodeling carry a $2,000,000 policy, which we believe is an ample safety net to protect you from any liability.

With whichever remodeling contractor you opt to go with, make sure that you are given the proper insurance policy to cushion you from any disasters! We promise you the best insurance coverage when you get a free estimate with us by 667-212-2759!