Employee Spotlight: Sales Consultant, Todd Johnson

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At Summit Home Remodeling, our staff is comprised of real people helping with real people’s housing needs. We developed a tight-knit, family-feel culture.  Our 'Employee Spotlights' shine light on the faces of those who exemplify the best qualities of Summit Home Remodeling.

Today our spotlight centers on Todd Johnson, our Sales Consultant!

Describe your journey into Summit Home Remodeling.

Todd is a proud Navy Veteran!

Todd is a proud Navy Veteran!

First and foremost, I’m a Veteran of the U.S Navy and that started my whole journey to where I am. I was working as a manager of a tattoo company and was also helping fellow Veterans with their resumes. I wanted to find something better than what I was doing, so I found the job posting for Sales Consultant on Indeed. Figured, “why not?”, and I applied and enjoyed the job description.

I landed the job, and my background in building homes really gave me an edge here. Looking back, I really like this decision for it really set the standards for how I work and what I want to do in life.

What is your favorite part about working here?

The family atmosphere is awesome. That, and the fact there is support from the higher-ups to help me become better. I love coming to work and finding purpose in what I do. My ideal is this: if you don’t find purpose in what you do, you have to find it elsewhere, and I found it right here at Summit Home Remodeling.

The fact that people above you want you to succeed is incredible, because doing our job wells also helps them. They want to move up into higher positions, in which I will ascend to take their positions as leaders one day.

One of his favorite hobbies is playing hockey!

One of his favorite hobbies is playing hockey!

What do you like doing outside of work?

I like to spend time with my kids and family. I also enjoy hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, and riding motorcycles when weather permits. I play hockey too, and in fact I take my kids ice skating and teaching them how. It’s what I do to keep myself in shape!

Any plans for the future you’d want to mention?

I just want to keep moving to the next level - whether it be in sales or in operations. I always have a drive to succeed. There’s a lot of people better than me but not a lot of people who outwork me. I give 110% with an utmost resilience to overcome the challenges. I don’t give up and my effort never dies.

As for personal growth, I strive to just to keep growing into the best person I can be. One personal goal is to be able to go out and become a public speaker - using my life experiences to help them do better or be better. When you help people improve, you improve yourself. It helps both ways. This all goes back to our family culture where we help train the new Summit Crew members to help one another get better at our jobs.

Todd’s work ethic is something we all try to imitate! There is no day that we at Summit Crew decide to give it less than our all, and someone like Todd will always push his limits to be the best employee possible. We hope you have a great Friday!

“When you help people improve, you improve yourself. It helps both ways.”

“When you help people improve, you improve yourself. It helps both ways.”