Employee Spotlight: Director of Sales, Neal Patel


At Summit Home Remodeling, our staff is comprised of real people helping with real people’s housing needs. We developed a tight-knit, family-feel culture.  Our 'Employee Spotlights' shine light on the faces of those who exemplify the best qualities of Summit Home Remodeling.

Today our spotlight centers on Neal Patel, our Director of Sales!

Describe your journey into Summit Home Remodeling.

I’ve known Brian, the co-owner of Summit, since middle school. We’ve had the same group of friends and have been the best of friends since then! A little over three years ago while living a block away from each other in Fed Hill, Brian and I had the luxury of hanging out more than usual. I had just left my leadership position in the hospitality industry, telling Brian all about it and that I was looking into other opportunities. At that time, Summit was still in the works of being built to what it is today and he thought I’d be a great addition to the team and that my skills in hospitality would be of great benefit. I started off as Summit Home Remodeling’s first Remodeling Consultant, eventually being promoted to the position I’m in now - Director of Sales, and overseeing the entire department.

When I first started, there were no cubicles nor people in a massive office. But we envisioned a bustling office starting with us building the team. Now we have over 50 employees! It’s been roughly 18 months since becoming the Director of Sales, and I plan to see this company through as becoming one of Maryland’s leading remodeling companies all the way until I’m ready to hang up my cleats.

What is your favorite part about working here?

I love seeing everyone succeed, employees and clients! I just generally enjoy putting people before me and helping them grow as professionals and individuals. If I could see people succeeding, happy, and with a smile every day, then I would, in fact, do this work for free!

Neal is a huge Ravens fan!

Neal is a huge Ravens fan!

What do you like doing outside of work?

Spending quality time with my girlfriend, Marisa (and I guess her two cats as well), is something I look forward to all the time. I’m also a huge Ravens fan - football season is the best! I love to travel! I’ve been to many amazing places around the world and would love to continue exploring and learning about different cultures and see all the beauty this world has to offer. Otherwise, I enjoy spending as much time as I can with friends and family.

I’m also quite the foodie! Whether it be creating my own recipes or cooking for others, it all adds into my passion for making others happy!

Any plans for the future you’d want to mention?

There are a lot of personal goals on top of my professional goals. For one, I want to start a family. I also want to buy a house next year. There are just so many things I want to save up for so that one day I can deliver the best for not only myself, but my family too.

Having been with Summit Home Remodeling from the start, Neal is nothing short of a great friend and a proud member of the Summit Crew. He truly demonstrates that putting others before you is an ideal trait that our company upholds. We hope you have a great Friday!

“If I could see people succeeding, happy, and with a smile every day, then I would, in fact, do this work for free!”

“If I could see people succeeding, happy, and with a smile every day, then I would, in fact, do this work for free!”