A Taste of Our Culture - Learning Through Hardship

There are some things you can only own in a storm..png

There is Opportunity to Learn in Hard Times

Look for the lesson in every hardship

There are always those times when things either don’t go our way or hit us like a train. In these days, we do all we can to cope with our unhappiness and seek avenues towards rebuilding ourselves. When we finally let go of the moment of hardship, we believe it’s good to ask oneself: what is there to reflect on that? We take a moment to capitalize on Joel Osteen’s words, “There are some things you can only learn in a storm”.

A storm can come in many forms: a loss of a loved one, an accident, an end of a relationship, a rejection, and much more. We then enter a time when we’re rained upon with sorrow or agony and it may affect us for the longer term. However hard we take it, there exists a ray of hope that pierces through shining upon us: a sign of learning through the new insights of life it provides and the gateway towards a new future with a stronger, wiser you.

Summit Crew is no exception to the trials we are put through every day. Exploring our drawbacks and devastations, we discover the core of which is a lesson to build us into stronger people. Whatever storm may be heading your way or upon you now, we hope you pull through this harsh time. We believe there’s opportunity to learn something about you that only this could ever teach you, a hard but essential building block to becoming a better version of you.