A Look into Vytex: A Better View Through Every Window

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The Making of a Window

How is your energy-efficient window constructed?

For every service we deliver, it comes with an astounding amount of attention to detail. With a visit to our friendly neighbor Vytex, we each gained a greater insight of the windows we proudly provide. From this experience, we invite you, the homeowners, to also understand the ins and outs of these windows as we’ve learned.

Our first look into the factory, we were amazed at the vast scope of operations. Starting with quality materials and concluding with a revolutionary window, each worker in the facility worked in unison to create the ultimate product. Every day, over 700 Vytex windows are produced, each undergoing an efficient manufacturing process that flows like a gentle stream.

Window Creation Process

Vinyl stands as the most precious material in the facility. Vinyl window frames must all be filled with a special foam, both aiding the integrity and adding to the insulating element of the window. Once the material is created, not one ounce of it is wasted - it is recycled and restored fully for another project.

Vinyl, known for its durability and energy efficiency, is not only strong but very customizable. We learned it may come in blue, bronze, and even more in a vast palette of options.

Moving further, we explored the process behind the window making. More than a mere conveyor belt, we observed the transformation from a piece of glass to a stunning window. Sheets of glass are neatly placed on a special platform referred to as, “the giant air hockey table”, which allowed gentle flotation through the cutting process.

Once secured in midair, special glass cutting blades seize the next step by neatly slicing the glass into uniform pieces. These specially shaped sheets will now fit well into your home, but of course: this is only the meat of the sandwich which requires more substance!


Finishing Touches on the Window

An insulated spacer is applied along the rim of every sheet of glass, hugging the whole perimeter in a layer of warmth. One side is kept free to add the argon gas within the panes, applying Vytex’s patented Low-E Technology. Enclosed in the spacer, within these new boundaries comes the divider that adds the multi-pane appeal of a single window.

Coming to a close, this glass is superglued into a frame of vinyl, where it is all set and fully fledged to fit your home. They also have special robots that trim any excess vinyl from the fusing of the frame’s strips - you can check it out in the video below!


Wherever you choose to get your windows from, it is good to know the basic anatomy of the one you decide. Since the beginning, we’ve trusted Vytex as our manufacturer for our windows, and to this day we still stick with them like a family bond. If you are in need of a windows replacement, you may reach us at 667-212-2759 for a free estimate at any time!

Summit Crew is here to help as a proud Vytex distributor!

Summit Crew is here to help as a proud Vytex distributor!