7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Home Remodeling Company

7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Home Remodeling Company.png

Questions in Mind Before Remodeling

A homeowner’s checklist for remodeling work!

As homeowners you want to make the best educated decision on choosing the next remodeler for your home. Are you looking for warranty length, Google reviews, insurance policy, or just general quality of work? We at Summit hope you keep a checklist on what to approve of when choosing a contractor to re-invent your home.

1. What is the timeline of the process?

From inspection to estimate to installation, you will need to know from start to finish the steps that will be taken on your home. In order to know everything is going according to plan, a good outline of the process of getting your new roof or windows is essential to making a remodeling decision!

2. What does the insurance coverage look like?

You as a homeowner must look out for both workers’ compensation and liability insurance, since a remodeling project can be a dangerous job if something goes wrong! A certificate of insurance should ease your nerves of any risk of being responsible in the case of emergency.

3. How will payment work and what is the schedule?

You won’t and shouldn’t be paying the full price of your new roof up front, so you will need an understanding of how you will fund your remodeling project. When financing your project, set in stone with your remodeler the payment schedule to your best convenience and comfort - any good contractor will be flexible in negotiating this!

4. How will my home be protected?

A remodeling tarp is a necessary mechanism to keep safe during your remodeling installation!

A remodeling tarp is a necessary mechanism to keep safe during your remodeling installation!

When valuable components of your home, inside or out, are at risk due to the work being done around the house, this is a fine question to ask. Tarps and yellow tape may just be necessary to defend vulnerable areas as well as keep you safe from risks from above!

5. Who must I keep in contact with throughout the project?

Most often in the form of a project manager, it is important to have a dedicated point of contact in a remodeling project as they are qualified to guide you step-by-step throughout the installation.

6. What warranty exists for your service?

A crucial one to ask; this is a deal sealer which both ensures the quality of work and that you’ll never have to put another dollar into a project like this again! You will need to keep your warranty handy as a safety net if your project doesn’t meet expectations.

7. How will you clean up when my project’s completed?

The question speaks for itself! A quality contractor should leave no signs of debris behind when the project concludes, and should be actively cleaning up as the day goes.  

With an investment that will change your life and your home, it’s important to stay one step ahead of the answers you don’t have. If you are looking to do work on your home, you may reach us at 667-212-2759 for a free estimate and we will have all your questions answered!