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Roofs, Gutters, and Skylights - All for Leaks!

Might as well get them all?

You may get a new roof. You may even have some gutters to complement that. However, the source of leaking in your home can still persist if there’s one spot that’s unchecked: your skylights. For the case of Emmanuel Johnson, he was able to mitigate most of the leaking problem during stormy seasons - but when one night he noticed brownish water in the bathtub, the source was made instantly clear from above.

With skylights being a rarity for some homeowners, we wanted to make sure Emmanuel was fully satisfied before we could call this project complete. First the roof, then the gutters - Summit had helped him once before, and so we set off to aid him again.

Upgrade the roof, but don’t forget…

Outdated skylights can also be a potential problem for leaking if not cared for in time. For Emmanuel, the roof installed around the skylights may have been done flawlessly, but the old skylights didn’t withstand the storms with the roof.

A beautiful look upward towards the afternoon sky at a first glance, skylights are just as important to the top of your home as the roof and gutters. Summit installed new skylights with redefined flashing, sturdier lens, and a fresher look for the new year.

The Full Package Done

Emmanuel now enjoys the full protection from harsh precipitation on his home. From the mighty storms, he now has a roofing system to guard, a gutters system to cushion, and two new skylights to complement the effects of both systems and ensuring him safety from any more leaking. Being a previous client to Summit, he more than graciously thanks us a second time for another amazing project delivered.

We thank Emmanuel for choosing us! We can help you too with a free consultation or by calling 667-212-2759!

Roofs, gutters, and skylights - another multi-product home remodeling project in the books!

Roofs, gutters, and skylights - another multi-product home remodeling project in the books!