Project of the Week | Dundalk, Maryland


Ensure Your Home Has Proper Shingles and Storm Drainage

The wood under your roof is more vulnerable than you think

Townhouses are a common type of home we serve. While smaller than the traditional suburban house, it doesn’t mean we give any less attention to these projects. This week we went out to visit Theodore Brown of Dundalk, Maryland, where he had a major issue with rotting wood on his home. A loving grandfather of five, a father of three, and a widower of an amazing wife, Theodore was more than just another homeowner getting a new roof - he was a friend who needed our help.

Improper Drainage onto an Improper Roof

Be mindful of your home’s drainage - make sure you have gutters meant to handling storms!

24-year old roof? Check. Missing shingles? Check. Excess leaking? Check. Theodore put a majority of the blame on the poor gutters and loose shingles. With unbearable amounts of leaking entering his home, we couldn’t resist overlooking this type of catastrophe. When a Summit representative took notice of the problem, he showed great empathy to Theodore’s problem.

Pointing out the small, lackluster gutters on his house and the neighbor’s, it was made clear the drainage wasn’t sufficient to guard the home. He believed Summit offered the optimal project that would fulfill his needs - a new roof and new gutters…and so the project began.

No More Leaks

After many estimates, Summit was able to negotiate a great deal with Theodore. After some good talks about life, family, and faith, we were able to empathize with his situation and were more than happy to make a deal for his home. We ensured to include everything to ensure he would get the utmost care from us onto his home.

Including the full install and a 50-Year Warranty, Theodore knew the package he would be getting. In less than a day, Theodore’s drainage problems were washed away with lifetime architectural shingles and a gutters system built to last. His home looks as great as ever following the install, but he is not done there yet. With a deck also getting damaged from the major leaking, he’s more than ready to move on to the next project.

Another home looking as good as ever. We thank Theodore for choosing us! We can help you too with a free consultation or by calling 667-212-2759!