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Sow the investment of siding, reap the energy saving benefits

The wood under your roof is more vulnerable than you think

As you are making investments onto your home as years go by? What you may or may not know is that vinyl siding has strong insulating properties that guarantee strong ROI in how it may save energy on your home. For the case of Bruce and Lynn Shirkey of Middle River, Maryland, they are homeowners who believe in good investments on their home. Having their roof, gutters, trim, and of course siding all completed, we couldn’t be happier with this project in how it amazed both us and the family.

Cracked Siding, Fluctuating Home Temperature

No more cracks? There’s much more to a new siding install than that!

If it wasn’t obvious enough, cracked siding along the exterior really showed that something needed to be done for the Shirkeys. It was almost a joke as if you pushed into the home, it would feel like gelatin. They sought out something more solid for the future.

Summit came with a solution. While far from the cheapest, it was certainly the best package with the warranty and quality of work. Having already done their roof and gutters in the past, they were already established as a trusted partner to the Summit Crew. We were more than happy to work with them again, this time tackling a new area of their needs.

A Siding Investment Worthwhile

As we’ve delivered a flawless project to Bruce and Lynn before, this second time around was no exception.  The Summit Crew was utterly fantastic, the staff (especially Ian and Luis) were all kind and helpful, and these types of personalities really reflected on the excellence of our work. A management crew taking care of them so well, we feel that both parties in the end are filled with great satisfaction.

Bruce and Lynn now have siding which can feel firm with any pressure on it. Not a sign of cracks or dents, it was clear the ultimate product was delivered. However, going beyond that, the Shirkeys are guaranteed cooler summers and warmer winters with their new siding’s powerful insulation properties. With this, they can expect a strong ROI for the years to come.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen so much work done to this home and we can’t wait to see where they go from here. We thank Bruce and Lynn for choosing us! We can help you too with a free consultation or by calling 667-212-2759!

“Not a sign of cracks or dents, it was clear the ultimate product was delivered.”

“Not a sign of cracks or dents, it was clear the ultimate product was delivered.”