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A Sturdier Siding Solution

Be mindful of any damage to your home’s siding!

Siding is easily the most visible part of the home. While the roof covers only the top and the windows present only around certain parts of the home, siding wraps itself around the entire lower exterior and is impossible to miss. When it came to Rick and Sue Boyer of Walkersville, Maryland, they began to notice all types of damage on their home’s siding from their many years living their - they took the proactive step by replacing it.

Dented Siding is No Good

Siding covers the entirety of a home - insulating it throughout guarantees savings on your energy bill!

The beautiful Boyer household is settled in a cozy neighborhood next to a golf course. With a driving range just by the house, however, it opened a lot of vulnerabilities to golf balls pelting against the home. It would bring wear and tear to the siding with multiple golf balls over the years, causing numerous cracks and dents throughout.

Aluminum siding demonstrated its full weakness in this scenario as shown by Summit Representative, Neal Patel. Vinyl siding, on the other hand, proved to be more durable with a multitude of other benefits - including insulation for energy-efficiency. Rick and Sue knew from this first visit that it was just exactly what they needed for this problem, and so the project began…

New Siding, Sustainable and Sturdy

A beautiful day to do the job, the siding was torn down. Up went the GreenGuard underlayment for extra protection against unwanted moisture and deterioration. Within three days, the project was completed with a commendable seal. The Summit Crew would persevere after days of rain that could slow the project down but ultimately, it worked out in the end. Rick and Sue now reap the benefits of insulated vinyl siding, but more importantly a better solution to the golf ball problem.

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Vinyl siding is the optimal solution for homeowners looking to replace their old siding.