Project of the Week | Westminster, Maryland


Act On Any Roof Damages Immediately!

Missing shingles, leaks, and more are all signs

We’re in the season of heavy rains and high winds. No matter how many storms hit us, there will always be more - and it will continuously chip away at our roofs until real pain has occurred. In the case of Mark Reed of Westminster, Maryland, he came with an unfortunate case of shingles frequently laying around his front yard as a result of all the rough weather that him this this summer. We offered the solution of a new roofing and gutters system at his aid.

The Full Package of Damage

A unique color of a strong shingle - hunter green is a great choice for any homeowner.

Leaking from the heavy rains. Gutters would overflow. Loose shingles anywhere. These all created the perfect formula for disaster in Mark’s home. A thirty year, outdated roof had no means of protecting the house from all these elements. While he would normally repair his roof on his own, the damage almost seemed beyond repair from the results of this summer.

When Summit finally came into the picture, we provided just what he needed to replace that new roof. When we learned of the gutters, however, we decided to complement that easily with a system of our own. A synthetic underlayment to fit under it all would be the cherry on top to this huge project.

The Ultimate Storm Protector

Yet another project accomplished, The Summit Crew worked around the major rains of that week by swooping in the day after a powerful storm. With bad weather all week, the crew made sure not to work in a scenario where the rain and wind would actually seep into the interior. All in a day and a half’s work, the roof was installed and the gutters would follow shortly after.

It was a better system, and Mark was for certain on the product he would be getting. Every component of the roof was outlined thoroughly and made clear he would be getting a project that would solve the storm problem. For the next fifty years to him and the next homeowner, he has peace of mind that the home is safe from further disaster.

We thank Mark for choosing us! We can help you too with a free consultation or by calling 667-212-2759!