Project of the Week | Owings, Maryland


Beautiful Homes Deserve Beautiful Roofs

Your roof’s age may indicate it’s time to replace

We had to travel farther from home than usual, but we couldn’t resist working on yet another beautiful home. Through rolling hills and dense trees, we come across the house of Gena Gustin in Owings, Maryland. Upon entering, we were amazed with the surroundings of green grass, clear skies, and calm tranquility. We found this place to be a soothing environment to do work on, thus we call this a project to remember.

Eager for a New Roof

A beautiful home with a new roof under blue skies and bright sun!

Gena had a 19-year old roof. While there weren’t any major signs of rot or leaking at the time, much research and homeowner instinct reminded her that this roof was reaching the end of its life cycle. Rather distanced from the big city, finding the right company to do the job was a challenge - but it wasn’t hopeless. When a Summit Representative knocked on her door on one fateful afternoon, she was finally given an option for an estimate - lo and behold, it was the opportunity of a lifetime.

Summit Consultant, Neal, delivered the outline of process that her home would go through. With a warranty to last 50 Years and shingles to last a lifetime, it was everything Gena could ask for in a new roof. This was a decision that would impact her and the next homeowner, a major investment that would weigh for the ages...and so she bit the bullet.

Roofing Expectations Blown Away

Painless and swift, this project completed much sooner than anticipated and still delivered to perfection. With roofing averaging 8 to 10 hours to complete, The Summit Crew completed in 4! With Summit providing the only estimate for her roof, she knew she found the ideal company as the project concluded.

The customer service made sure that Gena was cared for throughout the whole install. By far the part that impressed her most, she welcomed all the information that Summit provided her through the phone and more. She eventually opted to get new gutters to complement this new roof, too - a cherry on top to bring this work to new greatness. With this, she now has piece of mind that her roof is secure and her home will be free of any rot and leaking for many years to come.

We thank Gena for choosing us! We can help you too with a free consultation or by calling 667-212-2759!