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Windows Install - A New View of Summer

Windows built to last and save you on the energy bill

When John and Claire Hufnagel began to notice that their windows wouldn’t withstand the test of time, they realized the need to move forward with something new to suffice. Initially visiting the two was an astounding flight through the past many decades with stories on their family, memories, and of course their home. Entering a time where companies can communicate better with clients means the Hufnagels will be ensured the sufficient information on the service they seek - and alas the Summit View Window both promised and delivered.

That’s a lot of rot!

These windows are built for efficiency - both for you and your home.

For how long they’ve owned the home, they understood that new homes usually have cheaper windows. Eventually, these “cheap windows” would show heavy signs of mildew throughout the years. Beyond that with wear and tear, they knew in the long term this wouldn’t be good for their health - it was time to start anew.

Learning about the fault in the windows, a Summit Representative met with them on their lawn, addressed the issue, and found that it can be resolved when a professional came to look at it.

Summit Consultant, Todd Johnson, came to the scene shortly after in order to explain the optimal solution to their window problem. With John and Todd coming to a common grounds that both were veterans of the U.S. Army and Navy, respectively, the meeting would start off strong with an immediate bond bringing Summit and client together. From the history of the company to the make and benefits of the windows, Todd would care for the Hufnagels that their window problem would be resolved as soon as possible.

Easier to use, and with much more

The windows were installed swiftly and painlessly. However, it was the finished product itself they were most impressed with. The sliding function of the window had never been easier to use - thus allowing a new way of fresh air to breeze their whole home. They came to learn, too, of the low-E functions of the window - which keep the cool air in and warm air out during the summer that can reduce strain on their air conditioner. These windows would not only be better for their health, but it took a step beyond by aiding them in both their daily lives and energy bills, too!

In the end, whenever you feel the need for a home remodeling project - you may just find that there are many more benefits to reap from whichever you go with. For John and Claire, it was stunning to learn of all the things their new window could do for them.

We thank John and Claire for choosing us! We can help you too with a free consultation or by calling 667-212-2759!