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A New Roof for a New Home

Every new homeowner should sees new responsibilities!

Josh and Nuni Jenkins are new to the Hanover area, having only moved into the area in September. Having rented homes for the longest time, they finally come around to moving into this nice house in Maryland. Living the past couple years in Japan, they would adopt the lifestyle and responsibilities of being a homeowner - they took their first steps in caring for their home by getting a new roof.

A roof that’s 8 years old? Doesn’t seem like it

You can’t like that streaking on top!

Maryland was seeing a rough year of storms throughout 2018. With countless homes seeing unwelcoming leaks from the ceiling, the Jenkins family wished not to be the next victims. It was overdue that something be done about the roof.

When the roof inspector first arrived, it was stated their roof was only eight years old. But that was highly unlikely considering the look from the outside and the rotting wood from inside! With water damage prevalent throughout the whole attic, it was more than clear something had to be done to fix this.

When Summit Representative, Neal, came to the aid of the Jenkins family, he agreed action had to be taken sooner than later. After pointing out every flaw throughout the attic, Neal then presented that along with the roof, the 50-year warranty would ensure this roof would withstand the test of time. A very thorough presentation of the process and benefits, Josh and Nuni underwent the project.

Satisfaction Within a Day

The Jenkins family hoped to cover as much of the upper half of the house as possible, opting to get an attic insulation, too, to ready for the summer heat. The insulation crew was the first to arrive that morning, informing them of the whole process and finishing it before noon. Not long after, the roofing crew rolled in at 12:30, two hours ahead of schedule, and before they knew it: the project was complete in only a few hours.

Keeping an effective communication with the whole of The Summit Crew, he made sure the few hours of Summit’s aid were understood to its fullest that there would be no surprises. After a thorough tear-off and replacement, Josh and Nuni were especially impressed with the cleaning process. With two clean sweeps around the house, all nails were cleaned fresh off the site. For Josh and Nuni’s two handsome sons to play outside in the yard, they were assured a clean environment post-installation.

The front camera of the Jenkins home caught it all on tape - they couldn’t be happier with how smooth and painless the install went. Neal was very professional and empathetic to make sure they were each cared for, and electing to choose Summit was a fantastic decision. When the time comes for them to upgrade their windows or doors, Summit has their back!

We thank the Josh and Nuni for choosing us! We can help you too with a free consultation or by calling 667-212-2759!

“The front camera of the Jenkins home caught it all on tape - they couldn’t be happier with how smooth and painless the install went.”