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We Call for a Flat Roof…Plus One

Summit comes to the aid of a sunroom

With beautiful scenery on the way to this house, we come across the happy couple of Lynn and Amparo Renner. Within their home lies a sunroom, serving as a getaway into comfort and sanctuary. However, when rain pours, it was then they began to notice tremendous leaking into the prized room. Summit’s involvement couldn’t come at a better time.

Patch those leaks!

Summit Representative, Brian Duttenhoffer, came to the aid of Lynn and Amparo when they began to notice the water damage throughout various parts of their home. In the sunroom and beyond, Brian would realize rotting wood in many spots, signaling the time for a roof replacement was more dire than ever. Unwilling to let the rain damage seep any further, the Renners took action.

They selected the color Williamsburg Slate, a rare roofing color choice, to complement the exterior finesse. They would also elect into a new flat roof for their sunroom to prevent leaking in there. With that, the project went swiftly and cleanup was thorough. Being informed throughout, The Summit Crew ensured Lynn and Amparo were informed of all that was going on and the service would be fully delivered.

A Joyous Aftermath

On the sideline, we’ve discovered a well-knit bond that arose from the project. According to Lynn, he summed up his experience with, “a regular guy explaining why I could use a new roof - I think we made a friend that day”. Brian proved not only to be a consultant to the Renners, but also a loyal friend and caregiver of the Renner household. As a result, we’ve promised them to have their backs if their home is in need again.

Whatever could come next? Lynn mentions a new door for the sunroom would be nice, and when the time comes, they would count on us again. With that being said, we hope to keep up to our promise.

We thank the Lynn and Amparo for choosing us! We can help you too with a free consultation or by calling 667-212-2759!

“Brian seemed like a regular guy explaining why I could use a new roof. I think we made a friend that day.”

“Brian seemed like a regular guy explaining why I could use a new roof. I think we made a friend that day.”