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How does a roofing project work?

A Customer’s Insight on A Roof Install

For our project this week, our visit to Charles Hobeck of Catonsville, MD brought us quite a story. For a roof over twenty years old, he brought us through a thorough journey from start to finish on how the services of Summit were delivered and installed, and his story brought us great insight from a customer perspective on how we help your homes. Thus, we are allowing him to narrate his experience for our Project of the Week!

The Story Begins…

Summit Home Remodeling put a new roof on our house on April 9th, 2019. Our consultant, Neal, explained the entire roofing process they would use, pointed out various problems with our old roof that that was over twenty years old, and where it was nearing the end of its life. He then showed us samples of all the various materials they would use that were an improvement over the existing roofing materials.

He proceeded to explain how they would follow all safety protocols to avoid injuries, do a thorough cleanup, and use a magnet to comb over the surrounding ground to clean up any nails. On top of just a roof, we also needed a ridge vent installed and had a couple skylights replaced with solar powered windows and shades. He then explained those would be installed and the several methods of ensuring there were no leaks. To top it all off, they replaced our 8 x 12 roof on our wood shed with a new roof - a fine dessert to a great meal.

From the presentation, we were assured nothing could go wrong since the process was so cleanly organized.

The Project Follows…

A beautiful sunroom with a beautiful view of the morning sun.

A beautiful sunroom with a beautiful view of the morning sun.

They delivered the materials on Monday, placing most of it on the roof in preparation for installation the next day. Arriving on Tuesday morning at about 7:30 AM, a very dedicated crew worked diligently all day with only a short break for lunch on-site. The entire crew was very polite and knew their jobs well.

They took it a step beyond when they complemented my roof with other things. I really enjoyed the extras like painting my wood stove chimney to match the roof color and putting some extra trim on the wood shed. The whole project finished at about 4:45 PM.

The project manager came by in the morning before the work started. He would check on progress then, but he would later return at the end of the install to see if all our requirements were met. We had a problem getting one of the skylights to function properly, but the project manager came back after a few days and fixed the problem to our full satisfaction.

Summit promised they would complete the job in one day and they did. The entire project was done to perfection, and thus I highly recommend this company for their attention to details, their competent work effort, and their customer attention. We couldn’t be more grateful!

Charles and his family shared their experience with us in a manner that illustrates the full process of a roof install, and we hope you learned a lot from this incredible insight. We can help you too with a free consultation or by calling 667-212-2759!

“Summit promised they would complete the job in one day and they did.”

“Summit promised they would complete the job in one day and they did.”