Project of the Week | Beltsville, Maryland


Planning to sell your home? New siding will help!

An investment that helps in ways you wouldn’t imagine

We wanted to explore one of our smaller scale projects this week - a siding install which lasted only a day of hard work. While many homeowners come to us looking to solve an issue or get a new look, the case for Tom and Joanne Harrison was rather different! Therefore, we highlight this project to be a simpler solution to a small request - one type we never hold back to fulfill.

Looking to Move? This will help.

“If I move in a few years, they wouldn’t like this. It’s a good thing this project got done in time!”

Tom didn’t have too major an issue with his siding - he simply wanted to move! Therefore he aimed to drive up the value of his house before he got there so it could be sold for a higher price. How does one drive up the value of a house, however? By investing in it.

It’s exactly what Tom did the moment the Summit Representative met with him. Having already done work on his windows, he and his wife decided it was the siding that needed attention next. The project commenced not long after.

More Appealing to the Next Homeowner

“If I move in a few years, they wouldn’t like this,” as told by Tom. He was correct that the siding just was too old and worn to ever appeal to the next homeowner. With our smart vinyl siding, he is rest assured that the buyer of the house will reap the benefits of a fresh look of the home and the energy efficient properties of the siding. Rare for a siding project to be done in one day - it really goes to show how dedicated we are even to the smaller problems.

We thank Tom and Joanne for choosing us! We can help you too with a free consultation or by calling 667-212-2759!