Celebrating Black History Month!

black history month

Black History Month - Seeing How Far We’ve Come

We’ve had ups and downs towards a nation of unity

Summit Home Remodeling proudly recognizes Black History Month as a month to remember. For many decades, we honor all African American figures who’ve made significant impact in our nation such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, and many more. It is not only a time to celebrate, but also a time to reflect of how far we’ve come towards a nation of unity - the priceless accomplishment of upholding diversity.

Throughout this month, we hope you also demonstrate appreciation for African American communities and figures in an uplifting manner, too. We also encourage you to think, “What does Black History Month mean to me?” and how the words of several past figures have reshaped your life and surroundings today. We firmly believe that the achievements of African Americans have developed us as a nation, as a company, and as people, and we can all continue to grow together learning from the mistakes of our past.