A Day of Service: MLK Day

mlk day.png

Remembering Dr. King’s Vision of Unity

We hope you feel at home with us, regardless of background

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, and we at Summit are nothing more than observers of that dream. In his honor, we have adopted a vision to serve all homes in Maryland regardless of race or beliefs. We humbly take those in need into our arms and provide the best services possible, welcoming everyone into our family.

We aspire to uphold Dr. King’s dream in as many angles as possible. A man with a vision to bring all people together, a company like ours hopes to make that vision a reality via the home remodeling industry and much more. With this all being said, we dedicate today our mission of providing quality, stress-free products to further demonstrate that Dr. King’s legacy is one of good faith and hope.

In everything we do from helping the community to reinventing your home, we hope to make you feel at home in our culture of unity.