4 Simple, Visible Signs For an Aging Roof

4 signs of an aging roof.png

When you stroll around your neighborhood there are moments of admiration of your neighbor’s homes. What is the first thing you see? The elegant gardens, the colorful siding, the radiant windows, or even their fancy car sitting in front of the house. Did you check their roof, however, to see if they are tending to that also?

Gauging the age and health of our roofs is no doubt an afterthought in our day-to-day routines. How can you determine the condition of your roof for which it may need professional attention? We’ve come up with four simple signs to look out for when looking at your home

These black stripes don’t suit your roof!

These black stripes don’t suit your roof!

Black streaking

Does your roof exhibit dark scars along the shingles? This sign indicates the formation of algae in the beneath layers of your roof. Black streaking is more specifically a buildup of gloeocapsa magma, or blue green algae. The dark pigment results from a protective barrier from the sun’s UV rays, hence the “black” coloring on your roof.

Older, asphalt shingles are especially vulnerable to this. Black streaking may not seem like a huge deal when one notices a few lines on their roof, but what it may lead to may prove harmful to both your home’s appearance and value.

Algae overgrowth

Gardens belong on your lawn, not your roof!

Gardens belong on your lawn, not your roof!

Black turns to green in this next phase of algae accumulation. Alas, the unwanted green moss becomes visible to the naked eye. As soon as you see it spread about your roof along with black streaking, it’s only an added layer to why one must act to replace their roof!

Especially common in humid climates like Maryland and Virginia, algae growth is an epidemic among roofs of these parts. Make sure to take action before it grows out of hand!

The smaller details on your roof can make all the difference.

The smaller details on your roof can make all the difference.

Delaminated or Missing shingles

When one sees patterns, the break in said pattern should be an easy find. Scanning your roof should be no exception when you notice one square is not like the other! Just having one loose or missing shingle immediately indicates that one spot is opening your attic to exposure from the weather elements or even wild animals.

Be sure to keep an eye out for any shingles absent from your roof or if there are any pieces of the roof lying around your house - those are immediate signs!

Top of the roof/Ridge vents

Not as much of a symptom as it is a sign of an older roof. Nonetheless, we encourage homeowners to bear in mind the possibilities of aging in a metal ridge vent. Back in regards to patterns on the roof, the ridge along the top is no exception when it begins to exhibit inconsistencies.

Not only do metal ridge vents act as a conductor, which cause heat and moisture to remain stagnant in your attic, but they are also prone to denting, bending, and torquing up to let wind driven rains to enter the attic, damaging wood. Keep an eye out for irregularities in the shape of the ridge vent before this happens!

We at Summit Home Remodeling encourage all homeowners to be proactive and ready to care for the needs at their home, and we hope these tips will help you discover the needs of your roof. We are here to help for a free consultation or reach us at 667-212-2759!