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Gutters and Trim for Halting Water Damage

The precise solution for dealing with deteriorating wood.

When Water Meets Wood

The wood within your trim deteriorates beyond control. As you start to see signs of it while looking at your house, you wonder what the problem is. It’s rainfall. Gordon and Lynn Balabanis’ beautiful home fell victim to large, unwelcoming amounts of water seeping into their home and causing damage! When Summit Representative, Andrew Klopman, had met with the couple - the time to turn tables finally came.

The family had to do lots of research in search of a company to fix their trim. While having another estimate at hand, they ultimately went with Summit Home Remodeling due to the company’s reputation they had learned through the credentials online. Thoroughly and with proper care, Andrew diagnosed the problem of the Balabanis household. With many options to be considered, Andrew made sure they would get the most affordable, feasible choice to recreate their home.

The Gutters and Trim Install that Saved

These gutters guarantee safety from damaging rainfall!

These gutters guarantee safety from damaging rainfall!

Installed was a strong plastic encasing to prevent any water damage to their trim. A simple solution to last a lifetime, it immediately eliminated their worries of further deterioration. However, with questionable functionality of their gutters, Andrew also made sure to tackle this problem before it went out of hand. Alas, not only was the trim completed, but they had opted to install new gutters as well. Gutters that were wider and covered, it was all to ensure that the rainfall would never do damage to the house as long as it was there. The job was perfectly satisfactory, the outside looked more presentable, and the appearance of the home excelled to new heights of quality.

All prepared for the harsh weather to come underway, the Mr. and Mrs. Balabanis are all set to go! With the mention of the roof still having a few years left in it, they know exactly who to come to for help when it finally needs attention. We can help you too with a free consultation or by calling 667-212-2759!