Winter Wisdom - Blown-In Fiberglass Attic Insulation


Shield the Cold with Attic Insulation!

An Cost-Efficient Investment For Warmer Winters

Last week we covered different options to prepare your exterior for the winter. Of all the components mentioned, by far the most unique to the season would be attic insulation. The properties behind this type of insulation have proven effective in providing warmer winters but also keeping your heating bills on a leash. Your home’s heater is your best friend during the season, but imagine if you gave your best friend a helping hand like buddies do!

Attic insulation comes in many forms. Materials can include cellulose, mineral wool, cotton, and fiberglass. Textures of insulation may come in the form of batts, spray foam, or blown-in. We will cover the type of insulation that we most recommend.

How Does Attic Insulation Work?

Summit Home Remodeling is a proud provider of blown-in insulation. Upon entering your attic, the professional covers the attic’s area with an average of 12 inches of fiberglass. However, we at Summit install precisely 13 inches of fiberglass insulation, all to ensure your home gets a healthier layer of warmth for the incoming winter.

Attic insulation also proves as a strong investment in your home in that the material can settle down over time, in which the 12-13 inches can mold into 3-5 inches of pure fiberglass. This will ensure your home has a coated blanket to last many years to come, protecting you from this upcoming winter and many more to come.

How much do I need?

It’s time we taught you a few words of insulation jargon, beginning with R-value! It classifies its thermal resistance, hence higher R-value indicates better insulating quality. It is a reflection of the thickness and conductivity of the material, in which fiberglass is the superior form of insulation over other materials.

Blown-in fiberglass insulation carries an R-value of 3 per inch. If you get 12 inches of insulation, it equates to R-36 and so forth. The recommended R-value for attics in Maryland, Virginia, and lower Pennsylvania is R-38. Summit Home Remodeling promises beyond that requirement with R-39.

Source:    Energy Star     R-Value recommendations according to area. Maryland and Virginia recommends R-38!

Source: Energy Star

R-Value recommendations according to area. Maryland and Virginia recommends R-38!

How will this save me money?

The ROI from attic insulation rests in the long-term value you bring to your home, ensuring that heat is retained properly throughout your home. It is worth noting that fiberglass attic insulation was found to be the top remodeling project for home value, beating out other options such as siding and windows replacement to combat the winter cold. At a cost of $1,343, you can expect to see an ROI of $1,446 with your attic insulation project. Energy savings do not speak louder than does attic insulation.

To top it all off, your attic insulation should come with a lifetime warranty. Adding even more value to your investment is a warranty that guarantees your attic gets the full, flawless treatment to last generations. Summit Home Remodeling proudly provides this with our attic insulation service like many other of our products.

Attic insulation is both a great short-term decisions to prepare for one season but is guaranteed to help you save energy in the long-term. As a result, it has also seen strong results in greater ROI for homes for homeowners who get the insulation. Start seeking comfort in your home throughout the winter with a free consultation or call 667-212-2759!