Winter Wisdom - The Window Checklist

low e insulated window

Warmer Winters with Windows

Learn the Different Ways that Windows Can Fight Cold!

We’ve covered before how windows are a great way to keep energy bills low through insulating technology. However, it’s time we address the issue once more as we’re approaching a season where keeping your home warm is a top priority. We will delve into the components of what makes a window an effective barrier of winter cold - all creating the perfect insulation for the season.

When shopping for windows, keep an eye out for the U-Factor of the window, gauging how much heat loss it allows, hence a lower value is more desirable. Summit Home Remodeling is a proud provider of 0.26 U-Factor windows, receiving the Energy Star rating! All of the following elements are drivers of getting an ideal U-Factor out of your windows.

Low-E Glass - Keeps Heat Where You Want It

Short for “low emissivity”, low-E defines glass’ ability to reflect heat off the window. If your window is provided solar control low-e coatings, you can control the amount of sunlight from entering your home. Still allowing light entering your home, rest assured your home will be protected by harmful ultraviolet light.

For the winter, particularly, you will maintain a consistent level of heat throughout your house as low-E glass prevents infrared light from phasing through windows, too. Any interior heat can easily escape outside with older windows, but a low-e window will easily reflect heat back inside.

Argon - Temperature Consistency Within Windows

Always aim for a low-E, argon filled window with a low U-Factor!

Always aim for a low-E, argon filled window with a low U-Factor!

This is another layer to the effectiveness of low-e to which this gas controls the temperature of the windows themselves. An ideal trait for double-pane windows in particular, argon gas slows the transfer of heat through the window as well as maintains stable temperature of the materials themselves. If you face condensation and frost on your windows consistently, then this symptom becomes history through the use of argon-filled windows.

It’s also important to note that argon gas is odorless, non-toxic, colorless, and above all, cost-efficient to add to your winter windows.

Insulated Spacer - The Little Things That Keep You Warm

If you have multi-pane windows, this is the bridge that keeps the units together. Serving functions such as accommodating thermal stress, providing a moisture barrier to prevent fog and condensation,  and holding argon gas within the units, it is essential to have an insulated spacer.

For your window to be fully ready for winter, however, the make of the spacer has to be examined. Avoid using metal materials such as aluminum for your window spacer which is a strong conductor of heat. In order to keep that U-Factor low - be sure that the spacer is made of the right materials to keep your home warm!

Whether under scorching sun or frigid cold, Summit Home Remodeling offers a solution to shielding your home from the extreme temperatures. We are here to help with your windows for a free estimate by 667-212-2759!