An Investment: Roof Architectural Shingles

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Advent in Roofing Technology

The year is 2018. We all want to be up-to-date on the latest trends and in possession of the newest gadgets. However, is your roof included in that list of trends to follow in the next generation? Little did you know that not only are we approaching the age of electric vehicles and artificial intelligence, but the roof of your house is also exhibiting an era of advancement.

Many homes today have what is called a 3-tab roof. You may see this on many homes on your neighborhood, where shingles of the same size are aligned neatly along the roof with an identical pattern throughout the whole structure. These roofs are backed by warranties ranging from 10 to 25 the most.

Know the difference from one glance!

Know the difference from one glance!

You may now be wondering why short the warranty - it’s because the reliability of 3-tab roofs just aren’t on par with what roofing technology has to offer now. Summit Home Remodeling wants to remind homeowners of the benefits of architectural shingles, the next generation of roofing technology. You can identify them by their more layered appearance on a roof as if the shingles are all holding hands to protect your home.

Architectural Shingles Are the Future

It becomes more than a roof at that point - you are given an asset of a lifetime. The sheer length of the warranty delivers value to your home than you realize, and it goes beyond protection.

Here are the highlighted benefits of architectural shingles, a far superior product to 3-tab:

  • Architectural shingles are heavier and much more durable than 3-tab, capable of withstanding up to 130 mph winds as opposed to 3-tab’s average 60 mph.

  • Newer roofing shingles may come infused with copper particles, therefore you will never have to worry about black streaking or algae growth again! A good example of this benefit rests in GAF’s StainGuard Plus™for Algae Protection.

  • 50 year to lifetime warranty - these roofs are built to last!

  • The greater investment into architectural shingles means higher resale value for your home.

Your roof is capable of reaching new limits and is capable of lasting a lifetime as opposed to 25 years! Learn more of your options with a free consultation or call 667-212-2759!