Employee Spotlight: Consultant Colin Simpkins

Summit Consultant, Colin Simpkins!

Summit Consultant, Colin Simpkins!

At Summit Home Remodeling, our staff is comprised of real people helping with real people’s housing needs. We developed a tight-knit, family-feel culture.  Our 'Employee Spotlights' shine light on the faces of those who exemplify the best qualities of Summit Home Remodeling.


Today our spotlight centers on Colin Simpkins: The Assistant Director of Sales!

But before we delve into a day in the life… a brief mention that Colin is our first Million Dollar Consultant at Summit Home Remodeling!  In order to get to where he is, he demonstrated unrivaled patience, knowledge, and enthusiasm for what he does on a consistent basis.  He is a prime example of how to bring the best of our company to every client. A hard worker, great friend, and knowledgeable mentor, he serves as a beacon for all workers here at Summit Home Remodeling!

Describe your journey into Summit Home Remodeling.

I joined the company about two years ago through my good friend Devin, a marketer. I was kinda working in the contracting field as a laborer, but I wanted to make more money and try something new. I went through the marketing training here, and I thought I would be pretty good at this. A couple months in and I get promoted to consultant, pushing me more into the professional side of the company. It’s a lot more responsibility especially at my young age!

It’s the people here that got me to join, and the people that got me to stay.

What is your favorite part about working here?

Like I said before, I met some of my best friends in life and I feel super fortunate to be here. Other than that, the fact I get to help people is simply amazing. I take a talent that I found and ran with - one that can really change lives. We bring people into our arms and we give them the best experience of a lifetime - I try to emulate that in my work.

The rewards and incentives offered in this job only motivate us even further. The company is so good to its employees and I can’t be more grateful enough to have joined. In short, this job really changed me so much from day one.

What do you like doing outside of work?

Colin’s favorite hobby!

Colin’s favorite hobby!

I ride a lot of motocross! Motorcycles are a huge passion of mine, whether it be riding or working on them. I even like to ride bikes with my fellow co-workers on the weekend. I’m also really fond of going out to nice restaurants and traveling. In fact...I’m super excited for my trip to the Caribbean coming up!

I also love hanging out with my friends and girlfriend. With her, we share an interest in bikes but we also like taking my dog out on walks! I love doing things with my grandpa, too, who is both a best friend and a family member at once. We like to hit up casinos and try our luck - it’s all a good time!

Any plans for the future you’d want to mention?

I'm gonna be continuing here and taking care of a lot more people’s homes. I also aspire to be CEO of the company too and learn how to influence people like those who helped me.

As just for me, I hope to own a property myself one day. With these kinds of goals, I hope everyone working here will get something out of all the hard work we put in every day. I see a lot of growth for this company in years to come, and I’m glad to be a part of it.

Colin embodies all the best traits of who we are at Summit Home Remodeling. With this, he has found the most success as a consultant, demonstrating his passion to help others. We hope you all have a great Friday!

“I see a lot of growth for this company in years to come, and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

“I see a lot of growth for this company in years to come, and I’m glad to be a part of it.”