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A Great Roof for Great Value

Looking to Move? Your Home Needs Value

When the Realtor advises…

A home built in 1974. You are looking to move, and your realtor consults you on options for selling your house. When the realtor discovers both water damage and rotting wood on your roof, it’s an immediate call to action that work has to be done. To prevent any more rotting on the exterior, Randy Mayorvitz sought out a solution to protect his home’s value.

A roof replacement requires a lot of analyzing to get the right decision nailed. However, Mr. Mayorvitz’s roof carried so much rotting wood that multiple contractors would charge him hundreds extra for the additional work. A fateful encounter at the Howard County Home Remodeling Expo, Summit Home Remodeling provided a new type of solution. Along with a lifelong warranty, he was promised a solid product with no hidden charges. There was no better option out there upon this meeting.

when summit comes to your aid!

Randy’s house sees a bright future for its next homeowner!

Randy’s house sees a bright future for its next homeowner!

Summit Representative, Neal Patel, supervised the project all the way through. Whenever Randy had questions, Neal was there to answer. Not even the rain that hit later in the day would hold back the Summit Crew - it was built out to completion from the beginning. Mr. Mayorvitz was very satisfied with the product, process, and especially the value added to his home at the end.

Whether you want to see your home reinvented into a sturdier haven or you want create a better investment with your roofing project, we can help you too with a free consultation or by calling 667-212-2759!