3 Reasons Why We Recommend Roof Replacement over Repair

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A Roof Replacement is an Investment

Missing shingles or water leaking, it’s time to consider patching up your roof with a good job. However, what type of job does your roof really require? When it comes to thinking long-term over short-term, we at Summit Home Remodeling encourage proactivity by providing three reasons towards roof replacement. You know to get a roof replacement over a roof repair when:

1. Your roof needs consistent maintenance.

Popping shingles starting to become a regular symptom? A roof repair will only fasten the flaws for so long! Climbing up to place new shingles or getting a job done every so often means the roof requires more attention for the future.

2. There is regular leaking and algae growth.

A roof replacement ensures your home is protected down to the core!

A roof replacement ensures your home is protected down to the core!

No matter how many times you repair your roof, you can’t seem to solve the problem of water damage in your home. If this is a persisting problem, then the vulnerability of your home is exposed to its fullest. Don’t forget that 3-tab shingles are inferior to architectural shingles, the latter in which is much more resistant to wind and rains and better prevents algae and leaking. A roof replacement is optimal in this scenario to avoid any more water spilling into your home!

3. You wish to drive up your home’s value.

That’s right! A new roof with a long warranty guarantees that your home will be valued much more than where it stands currently. Like an investment, a roof replacement guarantees your stance that you’ve put a lot of thought into maintaining your home, which will reflect positively for both you and potential homeowners/tenants.

A repair is ideal for temporary fixings, but it only delays the inevitable. With a roof replacement, we believe it’s necessary to revive your entire roof to last a lifetime! Learn more of your options with a free consultation or call 667-212-2759!