Home Remodeling Inconsistency: Avoid Subcontractors!

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Be Wary of Your Home’s Work

Need some upgrades done on your home? Where would go? Maybe your local home improvement store? Or maybe the ones with a big orange or blue logo? I think you all know which ones we are speaking of! Great products, but what most don’t know is that they subcontract all of their work to the lowest bidder, which doesn’t always means the best quality of installation. A few years go by when you are out of warranty and realize the work you had done by the “BIG NAME STORE” doesn’t at all look, work or feel like it used to. Was all the money you spent worth it? The price you paid now turns into ongoing costs due to constant fixes, maintenance, and above all, big headaches!

This inconsistency is the nature of subcontractors in exterior remodeling - you can’t like the nature of this! The bait-and-switch risk associated with hiring third parties is real where you get a poor roofing job at a high cost. To these subcontractors, they may only see you as another paycheck and not a trustworthy partner. A direct connection enables flawless communication, establishes strong trust, and paves avenues for guaranteed success.

Know your source! Direct contractors are far more likely to deliver a satisfactory product!

Know your source! Direct contractors are far more likely to deliver a satisfactory product!

Our Recommendation

Therefore, we encourage you to seek out a contractor who holds your hand all the way through. Every input is presented through your selected contractor with full control over the quality. The more you know of the company, the greater the trust becomes from selection of the service to project completion. Last but not least, you will know first thing if your choice is fully licensed, bonded, and insured to guarantee a fantastic product.

A huge part of Summit Home Remodeling is our emphasis on lifelong relationships with our clients, which we believe hiring a subcontractor would only distort that mission. We take pride in the quality of our work and we deliver it directly to your home, honoring every promise we leave with you. Not only that, but we value the integrity of our workers, constantly investing in them to grow them as individuals and as representatives of our company. We hold a high standard of professionalism in them all that they deliver to you the best in exterior remodeling.

From start to finish, we are walking with you side-by-side. Your home is in good hands with us, so sign up for a free consultation or call 667-212-2759!