A Roofer's Touch - The Magic Metal, Copper

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Copper-Infused Shingles Prevent Algae Growth

Added Protection Against Harsh Weather and Humidity

We’ve previously discussed the epidemic of black streaking and algae growth that can pose trouble for your roof. Beyond just appearing as large, ugly black lines on your roof, the accumulation from within the shingles is explained by the science of condensation. A sign of a deteriorating roof, there is thankfully a way around it. When doing your research on the type of shingle for your new roof, keep an eye out for one particular material: copper.

How Will Copper Protect My Roof?

Think of copper as a material on its own: it is made of metal and thus more durable than any traditional type. Conventional durability isn’t all it has to offer, but the metal was built for withstanding all types of harsh weather from heavy snow storms to frequent rains. Copper is also inflammable, all of which add to its value to your home’s material.

However, with great value comes a high price. Copper is a rather expensive material and getting your whole roof done in copper seems a bit unrealistic for most budgets. There exists a simpler solution to having copper in your roof: granules of the metal infused with all shingles.

So What? How/when will I see Results on the Roof?

This video easily illustrates the science behind copper-infused shingles!

A practice that is especially common for asphalt shingles, algae-resistant roofs are made reality with the inclusion of copper. Taking in what you’ve learned about copper thus far, the particles of copper work in coordination to ensure your roof isn’t ruined by the weather. Copper, being a natural metal, holds properties that prove fatal to biological growth. A natural fungicide to help prevent streaking, this so-called growth equates to the algae that wants to sprout on your roof, but it won’t be allowed to with the inclusion of copper. As this element sees exposure from heavy rains, rest assured your roof will not exhibit black streaking from algae growth.

Remember to know your shingles well, for even the smallest elements of the roof will make all the difference in how it holds up. See how our roofs can help you by getting a free estimate at 667-212-2759!