Winter Wisdom - A Roof to Top Off the Year

winter roof

A New Roof to Hold the Weight of Winter

Is your roof strong enough to withstand all that snow?

It has come to our attention that the snowstorms of the season aren’t too far off, where your roof needs as much attention as any other part of your house. With the most dreaded part being shoveling snow to prevent accumulation, your roof is no exception when it comes to carrying this icy burden. When you go outside and begin shoveling inch by inch of snow off the ground, do you even imagine the same amount of weight laying on your roof? We at Summit Home Remodeling will tell you why a strong roof for the winter is required.

How much does snow weigh?

A fact we have to share is that one inch of snow equals one pound per square foot. Delving into more math equations, you may get up to twelve inches of snow on your roof when a blizzard hits hard, equating to twelve pounds per square foot on your roof. A roof that’s 2,000 square feet will need to carry 24,000 pounds of precipitation on the worst snow days! That’s about the equivalent weight of two African elephants. The element of ice on a roof further builds on the weight, where it may add additional pressure as water seeps into your roof. This may cause areas of collapse throughout spots on your roof, doing major damage to your attic!

What types of roofs are best for the snowy weather?

Remember - there’s a lot you can do to lift the burden of snow off your home, your roof being one way!

Remember - there’s a lot you can do to lift the burden of snow off your home, your roof being one way!

Depending on the kind of roof you have, it may or may not be sufficient to carry all that weight. Flat roofs are easily the most in danger because all the weight of the snow presses down without opposing force. Steep roofs are able to handle the stress better, but are also more vulnerable to wind that adds an extra layer of pressure from an angle. However, delving into the age of the roof is extremely important where old shingles are likely to submit to the stress of snow. Thus, we advise it wouldn’t hurt to get an inspection on your roof before an incoming snow storm.

Don’t underestimate the amount of damage to your home that heavy snow can do through an old roof! See how your roof can be readied for the winter with a free estimate at 667-212-2759!