4 Reasons to Get a New Roof in 2019

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Copper-Infused Shingles Prevent Algae Growth

Added Protection Against Harsh Weather and Humidity

Hope you’re all having a great start to your New Year so far! As Summit kicks off operations for 2019, we invite you to put on your thinking cap when it comes to your home. If ever you are in need for a home remodel, then the first component to look at is your roof. That’s right - if there is any part of your home you should first give thought to, it’s the roof. Without further ado, let’s dive into the details to why your roof will matter for the New Year:

An Old Roof - Aging Past 15 Years

Easily the biggest reason on this list! Most homeowners ask the question: “When is it typically time to get a roof replaced?” Well typically its after 15 year, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the roof MUST be replaced but this is when you start seeing the warning signs that show the roof is at the end of its life.  Long story short, it’s essentially the closest thing to a gauge for your roof’s lifespan. If you believe your home is 15 years or older than, then it’s likely your roof due to be replaced.

Today, our roof is made to last a span of 50 years with a warranty to go along with it which covers the entire lifespan of the roof - for your protection. With a great value that comes with your roof, one that will last this long is guaranteed to be worth the investment!

Cushion Any Damages from Winter

Winter is the best season to get your roof installed - hurry before the spring remodeling rush!

Winter is the best season to get your roof installed - hurry before the spring remodeling rush!

As if we haven’t covered this topic enough this winter already! Whether it be snow or heavy rainfall, any tiny flaw in your roof exposes a lot of opportunity for unwelcome elements to enter. One missing shingle is an immediate hole that needs to be addressed immediately. After any major event of harsh weather, we recommend getting a quick roof inspection or full consultation to see what damages the precipitation may have done. Be proactive and stop the destruction before it happens!

Seize the Advent of Roofing Technology

Smartphones and Artificial Intelligence aren’t the only revolutions in technology to keep an eye out, but your home is seeing better ways to keep up with trends and protect you better. For instance, architectural shingles - an upgrade in roofing technology - is slowly making its way towards becoming the norm of laying shingles, outpacing the older style of 3-tab roofs. That, and the infusion of copper particles ensure a stronger safety net from algae growth ever occurring.

You’ll see great gains for your home as you invest in a new roof - there is great value lying in the technology of your shingles!

A New Look for 2019

Roofs come in many different shapes and colors. Colors being the keyword, you are more than capable of preserving the original elegance of your home but giving it a fresh, new look. When seeking a new roof, know that there are many ways for it to be done, but the best contractors will maintain the finesse of your home and take it a step further!

We at Summit believe that a good home deserves a good roof, and a responsible homeowner need not think too deep into this investment. These are all basic reasons to why you should look into a new roof for 2019. See how our roofs can help you by getting a free estimate by 667-212-2759!